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Signature MTK 12 & Windows 10 Issues

Hi all,

Due to end of life of Windows 7 I have sadly had to upgrade to the dreaded bloatware of Windows 10.

Prior to the update everything was running sweet. I could have Ableton running as well as YouTube in the Browser and audio would be outputted for both, another scenario is that I run multiple virtual machines for work purposes, but audio was running from the guest OS's running in virtualisation and the Host OS, I could even have Ableton open with sound running from each without any issues.

So, I have since done the upgrade to W10. Whenever I open Virtualbox to run my VM network sound from the guest OS stops, there is also no sound from the Guest OS running inside the VM. When reviewing the audio driver on the Host OS it states it is running, however no test audio will play, no audio from the browser will also play, nor any audio from the Guest virtual OS.

Has anyone else had this issue where W10 will only allow one application to utilise the sound driver? If so could you please provide me with some links to possible solutions.

Thanks in advance



  • FattmanFattman Posts: 2



    Windows 10 was assigning 2 channel ,16 bit, 48000 Hz.

    reassign to 2 channel, 24bit 44100Hz

  • I had this exact issue, and was breaking my head over it. This was the only place on the net where I found the solution. Sincerely appreciate your effort to record the solution!

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