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Upgrading SI Impact from v1 build 5 to version 2.

I'm about to update our SI Impact for the first time this week. It still has the V1.0 build 005 on it and I'd like to update to the latest - V2.0 build 010 (I believe).

Plan is to backup the shows via a USB drive, reset/reformat, update, then reload the shows.

1. Any pitfalls I should avoid?
2. Anyone know if the shows created on V1.0 build 005 will load and function without problem with V2.0?



  • EdwinBEdwinB Posts: 2

    We were already on a newer V1 build so can't speak exactly for 005. We backed up the shows, didn't do a reset/reformat, did the update to V2 and everything worked fine. Didn't have to restore the shows. They were still there, working fine.

  • macylimmacylim Posts: 2
    Thanks! Given how old our V1 was, decided to do a reformat and then reloaded the backed up shows. Worked just as we hoped. May skip the reformatting in the future for smaller updates
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