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Loud Pop/Hiss while recording on my Ui12

I just purchased a Soundcraft Ui12, used it for the first time in a Live gig last night - loved it.
I recorded our show using the onboard recorder on the board UI. When I played it back there is a really loud Pop/Hiss every 10+ seconds throughout the entire recording. I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this and/or if you have any recommendations. Thank you.


  • weexhomeweexhome Posts: 4

    I misspoke, my mixer is a Ui16 (not the Ui12 as stated in the title and question).

  • weexhomeweexhome Posts: 4

    I was able to determine what the Pop/Hiss issue was - it was the USB Thumb Drive I was using and me attempting to listen to my Live recording via the thumb drive.
    It was a pretty big file size (1GB+), as soon as I moved my recorded sound file to my computer, I played it and everything was fine.

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