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Currently supported list of screens how to get a list


  • Uh, where's the list? Am I missing something here?

  • hollermannhollermann Posts: 2
    edited September 8

    We bought a touchscreen (Iiyama 27") for our UI24R. Screen works well, but touch didn't work. I asked the support for a driver and how to install it (usually that's the way). The support answered that I have to send PID/VID-Values and that they integrate this monitor in the next firmware. Since then (about a year ago) nothing happened. I've sent some reminders, but anyway.
    I'm a little bit familiar with Linux, I didn't expect such problems.
    Does anyone have a solution or knows how to solve the problem without buying another monitor?

  • Supplement:
    Video and touch functionality on Windows and Android is fully given.

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