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UI16 and UI24 gains

I just bought a UI24 in addition to my UI16

  • Managed to import all the presets successfully
  • Noticed that the UI24 volume was a lot lower than the UI16
  • Then noticed that the actual UNITY settings differ significantly on the gains page

Any explanation on how to correct this as many live shows and recording will change going forward


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    What is the 0ms button in the Ui24 GAIN screen? Never mind, I just figured it out. It is an input delay.

  • Did you figure out the gain difference on this 2 models ui16 and 24. I also imported shows but the gain doesn’t import from 16 to the 24
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    The author told about the comparison with those output level differences.

    Ui24r max output level is 20.5dBu. It means that 0dBFS = 20.5dBu.

    Ui16 max out level is 23.0dBu. It means that 0dBFS = 23.0dBu.

    Even if those mixers were showing same levels in their level meter in each, their analog output levels are not same. It’s always 2.5dB difference there. As their analog output circuit specifications, Ui24r is 2.5dB lower than Ui16.

    When you swap the mixers day by day with sharing the snapshot files at the same power amp system venue, you should adjust the power-amp’s attenuator 2.5dB each time.

    Otherwise you can reduce 2.5dB at the all of master bus faders of ui16.
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