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Ui24r Direct Monitoring when recording to DAW

Hi, Is it possible in this mixer for a performer to directly monitor an input (or group of inputs) while recording without using the DAW track monitor button? It seems that the patching will only allow an input channel to map to 'either' a USB-DAW input OR an AUX output, not both simultaneously.
When monitoring back through the DAW I either have Latency issues with Buffer set for playback or Crackling throughout the playback when buffer is set for MIN Latency when recording.

I guess what I am wanting to do is allow Monitoring of the direct input while over-dubbing to previous tracks.

Most other audio interfaces appear to have a 'direct monitor' function. IT seems really odd to me that the Ui24r would be missing such a basic feature.


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    JMPJMP Posts: 1
    1. I have the same request Direct Monitoring to use this unit as a real DAW Interface for overdubbing etc...
    2. Would like onboard Oscillator: Sine and Pink Generators
    3. Remote fader pack like Avid S3
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    lukasblukasb Posts: 1

    @BrianDee did you figure it out? I am in the exact same situation as you were.
    So this question has been hanging here for 3 years without even a simple "no" in response?
    I am new to the Ui24R and quite inexperienced in multitrack recording so I am struggling with a pretty steep learning curve these days.
    I too am having difficulty believing the Ui24R wouldn't allow for direct monitoring, but I just can't figure out how it is done. I have too much latency on the signal going all the way through the DAW and back to the Ui24R.

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