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Piggybacking Notepad 12FX off of another mixing console

I want to purchase and use a Notepad 12FX as a recording mixer to a PC and need to parallel/connect it to the 1/4 inch TS unbalanced direct outs of our house mixer. 5 channels total.

  1. Can I connect the 1/4" TS unbalanced direct outs of the house mixer to the balanced XLR combo jacks on the Notepad? i.e.
    unbalanced to balanced.
  2. Will the Notepad XLR combos have phantom power on the 1/4" cables connected that way because I can't have that?
  3. The Notepad 1/4" inputs appear to be attenuated by 20db. Is this true and can they be increased using the gain knobs?


  • jokklasjokklas Posts: 3

    Regarding question #2: I have the 8FX board which is "phantom on always". When I read the scheme in the manual it seems as it will only send back phantom when using XLR, not when using Line 1/4" in the same jack. If it's correct then all is well.
    Later in the manual when warning about phantom power and certain equipment there is unfortunately no text to clarify this. I guess it works the same way on both 12FX and 8FX (maybe on all mixers with combo-jacks?).

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