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Si Expression 3 - option card question

I currently use an Si Expression 3 in a live sound context. I'm hoping to start using it for simultaneous live and recording to Logic Pro X. The option card currently installed in the console is the Dual Port CAT5 MADI. I'm looking to swap out the card for the MADI-USB. We are well under the input threshold of 32-channels.

I have two questions:

  1. I currently use 9 of the 12 mix sends in our live setting. Will I lose the ability to use any of these sends when I swap out the card?
  2. Will I have to reset the console when I swap out the card?

Thank you!


  • jasonbjasonb Posts: 3

    Oops...I'm a first time user...I realized i didn't post this in the "Question" section. I've reposted there.

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