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Hi guys I'm new here. Just recently purchased the Notepad 8fx (last night) connected it to my laptop via the USB cable and the laptop automatically picked it up as an input device and I was able to record and use sound from my mixer on FB live and all other programs without installing any drivers.

The problem I faced however was I was unable to increase of decrease the volume going into my PC from the mixer. Also whether I used the delay, reverb or chorus effect i would beable to hear this effect on my headsets but not on the recording on my laptop, despite trying different software and increasing the aux/FX level on the mixer seems the mixer was sending audio without the efffevt to the PC.

Fast forward to this morning - my PC has stopped picking up the mixer as an input devices and now only picks it up as an output device. I can no longer record or use the sound from myoxer on FB live and OBS.

I've tried installing the drivers and CP from soundcraft website but it has done nothing for me. I have disabled driver reinforcement as well but I am still experiencing this problem.

1. How to get the mixer to pick up as an input device on the laptop
2. Where are the volume controls for audio output
3. Why does the mixer send audio out with out the effect


  • @ebi
    I think the answers are:
    1. When I run into the same issue as you describe, I restart the computer and reconnect the mixer to the USB
    2. The main mix output is sent to the computer via the USB connection at unity, doesn’t go through the main mix fader. To have control over what the computer “hears” I change the levels of each individual input using their individual level knobs.
    3. I didn’t test this yet. But did you set all the AUX/FX and AUX MASTER knobs correctly?


  • m having the same problem when i got my notepad 12fx. then I came across with following blog explain a few things. now i'm using the daw to do adjustment and fx. fx from mixer won't go into daw.


  • ArtifxArtifx Posts: 1
    edited October 2020
    I wanted to buy the notepad 8fxbut i had a quick question regarding the USB interface... Would I be able to record two or three separate tracks into my DAW via USB?
    Does it give me the 8 inputs /tracks direct out via USB?
    Thanks for Ur help yall
  • Je viens d acheter cette table, alors je viens de réussir à la connecter a Cubase, non sans mal. Il faut débrancher l USB, ensuite télécharger le firmware chez soundcraft, redémarrer l ordi et rebrancher la table, alors il y a un software d installer qui m indiqué qu'elle entrée j utilise, soit les entrées 1+2, soit 3+4 soit 5+6, mais on ne peut pas tout enregistrer en même temps, en plus quand j' ai enregistré une piste sur Cubase, je change pour connecter un micro et là je n entends plus la première piste que j ai enregistrée dès que je parle dans le micro, je ne sais pas pourquoi??
  • Je vois , où je n' ai pas trouvé mais le site est en Anglais et les commentaires sont traduits car ce n' est pas exactement ce que j avais marqué !
  • @jackm71 quelle version de Cubase utilisez-vous?
  • Cubase LE éléments 6

  • I bought the notepad 8fx cos i need something small for my live gigs.I am very disappointed with the reverb (only effe that i need).It is so short the decay at its max level that is useless for me. Also has not a post configuration aux for adding external effects the proper way.🙁
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