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Using Signature 12 MTK as PC Audio Card

Currently, I use an M-Audio Delta 1010LT card for my DAW software (Wavelab, Samplitude, etc.). The card worked perfectly when my PC was Windows 7, but since I upgraded the machine to Windows 10, the playback is glitchy using the old Win 7 driver, which is the only driver available. I can use Windows MME with the card. It's fine for playback but not for recording, where I need the Asio driver.

So I'm thinking of using the Signature 12 MTK as the input/output device, but also as the PC's soundcard instead of the Delta 1010LT. Is that a doable thing, in the sense that it'll work smoothly over USB while being an external mixer at the same time?

Another possible problem is that my PC tower is in a remote room 15 metres away from my studio. So, in my studio, the Sig 12 MTK will connect over a powered USB hub back to the PC.

Thanks in advance,



  • I am trying to do this at the moment, from the documentation it seems to be possible but the Sig 12 MTK Recording Guide seems to say that you need to do some setting up in the Sound section of the USB Control Panel. Unfortunately the Control panel I have (looks the same as previously referenced in the Recording Guide) doesn't have a Sound section in it! I have requested advice from Soundcraft. From what they wrote it should do what you want if you can get the right s/w.

  • Hi delapoer,

    I actually called Soundcraft - 001 844 776 4899. I got through pretty fast and the tech chap said that's one of the desk's main functions - acting as a sound card over USB. Here's the link to download the software...

    My PC is about 40 feet away in another room, so he said that, despite the USB cable and hub being powered, there might be droppouts. He said the USB cable should be no more than about 6 feet long for the desk to work as a PC card optimally.

    Let me know how you get on with the software.


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