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Using my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK for Zoom call


I just got the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK, i'm new to recording and all. Want to use the mixer with zoom, when I use it, I have to press the USB return button for it to work but then my mics will be off, is there a way I can change the output from 1-2 to 11-12 so I can use for zoom, or how can I make this mixer work with zoom? Thanks


  • I have the same issue. I am trying to figure out a work around!
  • payownpayown Posts: 5

    was a answer ever provided for this?

    Can't get the 12MTK to pass audio from MIC1 (xlr) into zoom, skype, or teamtalk.

    thanks for any feedback.

  • dunburudunburu Posts: 4

    I'm trying to do the same with a 22mtk but not having any luck. I bought Loopback to try and address the issue and I can get a workaround of sorts by setting up the 22mtk as monitoring device but this then introduces the sound of my microphone in my headphones which is very annoying and I can't seem to find a better way around it. Loopback support have been amazing but it has stumped even them!
    last comment from Loopback support "Is there another set of channels that you could use to output audio to on your Soundcraft device? You can't use Channels 21 & 22 for both Input and Output at the same time so either the inputs or the outputs need to be moved to another set or the conflict is not going to be resolved."

  • Kinda Fixed This

    so I have kinda fixed this and it's working reliably.
    This is coming from a windows user's point of view.

    My microphone is plugged into channel one and USBRTN is not pressed.
    On channel 1, I've also press the groups button, the bottom button on the right hand side of the channel strip
    This then send my microphone to the groups output, quarter inch under XLR on right hand side of board.
    I have a quarter inch to 8 inch adapter plugged into both groups, and one cable going from the left group into the RCA input of channel 1112. So I have a 8 inch to RCA patch cable plugged into groups on the right side and the RCA patch cable plugged into channels 1112.

    Then tell zoom to pick up audio on channel 1112, which is adjustable with the second and third sliders in on the right hand side of the board.

    This has again reliably provided me consistent audio quality on both zoom and discord. Probably not the ideal way to do it, however it's what's worked for me over the last three months or so.

    Hoping this helps someone.


    PayownMedia, LLC

  • almost forgot

    One other thing I almost forgot about is that this set up also allows me the ability to patch audio I'm listening to in my headphones through to zoom or whatever other tool I'm using. Simply tap the group's button on that channel, and that audio is then fed into 1112 which is what is picked up by Zoom.

    Lastly, I do also have another cable running into the board from itself as well, I have a cable running from AUX one two channel 6, USBRTN is not press on channel 6. This gives me the flexibility of having audio sent to a separate application, for example if I'm bringing zoom audio in on channel 4, 3/4 to be exact, I can simply turn the ox output for ox one up and this'll then send the audio into channel 6. This is in allows Clubhouse using a third-party tool to listen to the audio of a zoom call if necessary.
    Clubdeck has input of 5/6.
    PayownMedia, LLC

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