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Change Headphones Monitor to AFL but not require Mains to be On?

(Also sent an email to Harman tech support, but haven't heard back yet)
With the COVID world, our church is now recording thru the mixer/console (Soundcraft Si Performer 1) and that's working great.
However, to get a good mix in the recording we need to use headphones to hear what it'll sound like, but when turning Mains "off" the monitor cuts out, too, and the speakers are providing an unwanted reverb/feedback in the recording. We can cut the mains easy enough during speaking parts, but during music it's ideal to listen while recording for ad hoc balancing, so....
Is there a way to change the headphone monitor mix to still work AFL but keep the Main off?
(yes, we could turn off the amp to the speakers or disconnect outs, but seems silly/unnecessary)


  • BrozrBrozr Posts: 1

    I'm using the Signature 12 MTK (so not sure this answer will work for you, but pretty sure it will as long as I'm not missing something "other") ... but I have a similar issue where "changing" the Master level (going to speakers, recording app, or whatever) affects either headphone or "Mains" OUTS levels (and obviously turning the "volume" down this way turns down the all-important mix master!) So my work-around is (a couple of options): 1. In all options, I set the master as needed for "mixing/recording" purposes at unity (or best) gain (and leave it there). 2. Then, Instead of using the main outs of the board to "monitor", I use the headphones OUT (with a trs adapter) to power either a second sound interface (I have an additional Apogee duet into/from my Mac) OR to power a separate (Monitoring) amplifier (powering it's own set of speakers) as my MONITORING amp/system. Effectively the (adjustable) headphones volume knob becomes the "Cue" (and/or "House/Mains") master control... this should solve your problem.

  • jefejefe Posts: 2

    Thanks, but there's got to be an easier way to hear the mix thru headphones without having the mains on.

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