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Notepad 8FX output signal too low

Quick question. I recently got the notepad 8fx. Connected it to.my pc (Dell Vostro) did NOT install any drivers and it automatically picked up as an input (Microphone) and output device. I was able to record perfectly. WITHOUT ANY DRIVERS. I wake up the next morning and it is no longer picking up as as input device on my pc. Called soundcraft and they told me to install the latest drivers and control panel. Which to me was odd since it worked perfectly without it. Anyway I did so and thereafter it picked up as an input device but not microphone as it previously did. Now it was line in. Now here the problem although windows has line in level at 100 and I've turned up gain and level to max on the mixer my recordings are still way too soft. I thought it was the software I was using however it is not the case as windows itself is recieved the signal at a very low volume. Thus no matter what software I use it will always be soft. Sound craft has logged into my pc remotely and assured me all settings are fine. I have even sent the moxer back to them to test and they have assured me the mixer has no issues and is working perfectly on their pcs. So I have tried using it on another laptop but the issue remains. Any idea what's the solution


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    I too am facing the same issue. The gain knob has to be cranked full up to 3 o'clock to get some signal in the DAW. After 3'clock, it really gets noisy.

    For Dynamic Mics, it has to be cranked to full 100 % to get some 'recordable' sound in the DAW.

    I am not that happy with this mixer. :(

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