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MTK12 not sending even channels to DAW

Does anyone have the signature MTK 12? When connected to my DAW I'm only seeing my odd channels as inputs/outputs. Is something wrong or am I missing a button somewhere?

Please help. Thanks!


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    debrisoliveiradebrisoliveira Posts: 1
    edited November 2021

    That´s standard.

    Left channel 1 is channel 1
    Right channel 1 is channel 2
    Left channel 3 is channel 3
    Right channel 3 is channel 4
    And so on.

    About Outs, your DAW usually shows only stereo outs. So it does not show Left and Right separately.
    You have to go to preferences and change it to show mono outs too.
    I went to my DAW Preferences -> Drivers -> "Show mono outs". Solved.

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