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Lexicon MPXL native reverb plugin for Signature 12 MTK

I recently purchased a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK and I am trying to find where I can download my complimentary copy on the Lexicon MPXL native reverb plugin.
Any help in putting me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


  • dshippdshipp Posts: 1

    I'm in the process of registering mine and once you register on http://www.soundcraft.com/get-started/signature the software tab says:

    The Lexicon MPXL Reverb Plug-In elevates any home recording and project studio to a new level. Aspiring engineers and producers now have a new way to bring the legendary Lexicon heritage and sound to their mix, and with this complimentary MPXL license, you'll sound more professional than ever.

    For more information: www.lexiconpro.com/soundcraft-offer.

    How to get started with the Lexicon MPXL Reverb Plug-in:

    Register at the Lexicon MPXL page with your Signature MTK serial number and a scan of your receipt: lexiconpro.com/soundcraft-offer.
    Check your email inbox for email with a download link.
    download and install the plug-in.

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