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How to Connect and setup 2 SI Impact mixers to 1 32 ch stagebox with MADI

The information on how to use the MADI AUX on the stagebox to a second mixer is no to where to be found. Manual mentions that you can hook up one mixer to the MAIN MADI and another mixer to the AUX MADI of the stage box. It then says to set the switch on the Main to MAIN and the other to AUX. Doesn't say where that switch is, nor is there any information on configuration and set up.

Could someone please assist? Want to use the AUX to feed our video stream mixer. Both mixer for FOH and Video are SI Impacts. Both have the MADI cards and we also have DANTE in both mixers. We did the DANTE cause we could not get the AUX to work. Want to be able to take the MADI inputs to both and also will use the DANTE card to send/receive the analog inputs from the FOH to the Video Mixer.


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