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UI24R Bug: Cannot solo Matrix.

UI24R Bug: Cannot solo Matrix channel.
UI24R with latest firmware (v3.3.8293).
When an AUX is switched to a MATRIX, activating the solo on that channel does not solo the matrix.
Instead, activating the solo solos the AUX channel as it was configured before switching it to a matrix channel.


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    I just found this same bug when setting up my new UI24R mixer. Can someone please fix this. I would like to use matrix solo.

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    same here.
    It's horrible.

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    stefdstefd Posts: 1
    Same problem. 3.3 firmware...Solo does not work on matrix channel.
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    ZorpieZorpie Posts: 1
    Such a bummer! Brand new Ui24R with firmware 4 point something and this problem STILL exists! Come on Harmon!!!
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