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Si Impact: how do I send the output of an aux mix to a MADI-USB channel?

The MADI-USB board has 32 output channels (in the default configuration).

So far I have found a number of descriptions of how to set the output on an input channel to a MADI-USB channel, using the touch screen menu.

I have read elsewhere that it is also possible to send the output of a MIX (one of the 14 mix buses and/or the house mix) to a USB channel, but I have not found a description of how to set this up.

This would be very useful because it would allow me to mix the sound for my livestream using the Si Impact.


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    Select your Aux Mix you want to patch by using one of the TOTEM/Mix Switches above faders (MIX1-Mix14). Then go to touch screen and select Output and scroll down to Output Patch 1 (if stereo out You will have 1L and 1R). Select this and scroll through analog outputs and AES until you get to MADI/USB Card. USB1 = MADI/USB Card Output 33, USB 2 = Output 34, etc...

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