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Streaming with Ui24

jonnyBjonnyB Posts: 2

Not seeing an post for this.. I'm looking for the best way to set up the Ui24 to do a live stream on FaceBook, while also doing a live show through a PA. They will need different mixes, so was thinking of either running the FB live on 2 of the AUX busses, and running the PA of the Mains as usual. Or should the House be on an Aux busses and then send the Mains to the FB live? Or is there another way to approach this Any one doing this? Insight as for setup would be helpful. Thanks, Jon


  • jrennajrenna Posts: 6

    I think aux buses to your stream should work. You would have plenty of control for a separate mix and separate overall EQ if needed. ......Just my 2 cents worth.

  • I’ve BN checking into this , for two separate MIXES. One for FOH and other for better audio Streaming!
    I have 1 UI24R and I’ve heard getting another UI24R and cascade them together and copy mix from the first one (slave) to the other (which could be the broadcasted MIX) for OBS!? I’m not sure how that actual routing is done? I’ll have to call CSERVICE at Harmon. Plus, I’ve read and seen, having an extra remote Router (from the Slave UI24R’s built in WiFi), for both will make your WiFi connection more secure and stable, in your live situations.
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