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Mini Stagebox 16i connected to a Si iMPACT with a Madi/USB card

  • I have Mix 1 to 4 setup as Output Patch 01 Left as SR I-01 to I-04 and Output Patch 02 Left as MADI65 to 68.
  • The "Lock" status light is not on at the card or the Stagebox.
  • After connecting a JBL EON610 Powered to the Mini Stagebox 16i Output 1-4, I do not hear/receive the signal generated by any of the output(s) of Mix 1-4.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming the card and Mini Stagebox are not communicating/synced since the "Lock" status light is not activated.
  • Question: How do I get these units to communicate with each other?


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    Also, is there a default password for Administrator?

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    Correct. If you don't have a solid green lock light then the console and stagebox are NOT linked. What's your cable length? If somewhat long-over a 100 foot then try testing with short cable close to stagebox. Confirm your cable is good as well- should be standard CAT5/CAT6 etc wiring- no crossover. You can't have a switch in line.

    After that its possible there is a fault on either the console card or MADI HD card in Stagebox.

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    MMGMMG Posts: 2

    Is there a master password to unlock my UI16? I cannot remember my password.

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