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MH3 40 channel in studio yes or no

Hi, I am putting together a larger home studio. I have a chance to buy an MH3. I realize it is a live console and since I am not too familiar with it I would like to know ; using this live console in a studio what would be the plus and minus. Or do you think its a bad idea?
wish you all a safe day.


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    Looks like a great forum.. hummm

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    The MH3 would be fine as an acquisition device and tracking console. You could use either the analog direct outputs or busses to feed an Interface . Obviously in this day and age you would still need some sort analog to digital interface unless tracking to tape or a dedicated hard drive based recorder with analog i/o.

    Since there is no tape monitor path you would need to operate the console much like a "split" recording console with some of the channels as inputs and other as mulitrack returns. Keep in mind your TB functionality and monitoring functionality would be a little bit limited but probably workable.

    There is no fader automation or machine control built in but sure you are already aware of that.

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