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Notepad-12FX stopped working

shaneblythshaneblyth Posts: 4
edited November 2020 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles
Only had it a month but I noticed it was completly dead.
I tried the power supply in another point but nothing.
Then I noticed something rather strange.
If the power supply is NOT plugged into the mixer end the power supply block lights up green. Plug it into the mixer end and green light goes off . Pull out of mixer end, green light on power block lights up
Anyone heard or seen this before. At no time does the mixer light up itself


  • Hi did you ever figure it out. Mine just quit with the same symptom. Thanks.

  • Same here, any tips?

  • I sent it back and they replaced it with a new unit no explanation I expect it was power related as it was totally dead
  • This seems like a persistent behaviour with SoundCraft Notepad. Bought one last year in india. Stopped working after 2 weeks ( guess what! return window on the product was 2 weeks ) . Support in india is absolutely pathetic ( I am being nice) Amazon support turned their hands up as well. Seems like since when Samsung bought Harmon everything is going down hill

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