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Soundcraft 22MTK + Cubase 10.5 = some challenges

i’ve just purchased the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK.
I would like to set it up with Cubase.
I was hoping i might find some helpful tips for a smooth install.


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    Update: Soundcraft 22MTK unboxed and flawlessly recognized by Cubas 10.5 Pro.
    All i/o available for tracking and monitoring.
    On a go forward basis I would really appreciate hearing from any other Cubase/Soundcraft users and perhaps keeping this dialogue going.
    Cheers lads and lassies.

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    Thank you posting this. I recently purchased a Signature 12MTK and have been considering purchasing Cubase. Your post made up my mind.

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    Hello lkmuller.
    Love to hear about your Cubase mtk22 experience when you get up and running.

    22MTK is working currently flawlessly with my Cubase 10.5.2 update.
    I have noticed that the 22MTK "Windows Driver" doesn't really play that well with the other audio devices in my system.
    Internet audio has occasionally not worked until a reboot.

    I have to stress this has only been an issue on a few occasions.

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