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Signature 12 and GarageBand

Can anyone help me understand why I'm not getting any output to GarageBand using the USB output. I have a single Sure SM58 plugged into channel 1 and the USB cable plugged into an iMac. The meters on the mixer respond to the mic but nothing is getting to GarageBand. i have selected the input in GB to see the mixer (“Soundcraft 2-channel Audio Dri”) but still nothing.
Anyone ever have a problem like this? Any help would be appreciated.


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    No reports that I'm aware of but I'm typically dealing with larger consoles so a few steps removed from the day to day issues with Signature. Make sure you have Stereo Master up and that's where you're seeing the meters. That probably is the case but i have to ask.

    Also make sure you have created a Real Instrument Track in GB and selected the Soundcraft Interface for the source. Gut feel is that this is a simple user error or arguably something is broken. This probably better handled over the phone with Tech Support in your region. If in the USA call +1 (844) 776-4899 and select option 2

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