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Please Help I cant get the driver setup installer to open and run

I downloaded the driver from the website for the signature 12 Mtk. I extracted the file. When I click on the setup exe. It starts to open but then fails to open. I can see the installer window start to open and an icon appear on the task bar for a half a second and then it disappears. I tried the same process on another pc and it all loads and will install as intended but not on the pc that I need to use for recording. I have a Dell Optiplex 7010 with Windows 10 Pro. Processor is Intel Core i5-3470 CPU @3.20ghz. 16gb ram. Intel(R) HD Graphics Display adapter. Im using a Planar PXL2760MW display. Ive updated Windows update and Ive updated the drivers and all available software from Dell. I tried running the setup exe in all the different compatibility modes. Tried changing the display settings. Tried running it with the driver signature enforcement disabled. tried running it with clean boot mode. I just cant get the setup exe installer to run. I'm available to video chat if that will help. Thanks in advance.

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