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SIgnature 10 Driver -Nothing happens

We bought it for live shows. We use backing tracks played from a laptop. The USB connection while not necessary was cool I have a special DI box. We have only used it about 6 times. Always stored in a solid road case.
Seeing how it looks like live gigs are all but gone I thought I'd use it as an interface on a W10 machine. Possibly it will work as an audio interface? Download driver 3.230 and it installs fine. There's no information about how to install the driver what is stupid is at the end you get this message saying you will need to unplug and plug the device in do you want to do this later?? What's that supposed to mean anyhow? So I've tried every combination and the Control panel is installed and says there' is no device attached. ??
I then went and dug out the W7 Laptop we use for music playback live and fired it up. Same thing " No device connected"
It's a great mixing board but why do they include something like USB and then not support it? Reading messages here only confirms this. I guess my grand kids will find it in the road case some day in mint condition.
It seems that something fries inside the mixer? Is this possible that using USB 3 ports damage it?


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    This is best handled by Distributor Tech Support in your country. If you're in the USA call 1 (844) 776-4899 and then select option 2. Off the top of my head there may be issues with Windows 10 compatibility but definitely should work fine with Windows 7.

    There are no know issues with USB port nor would plugging into USB 3 port damage it. It would also be interesting to know if the Soundcraft USB driver appears under control panel >sound>manage audio devices or as an option in Cakewalk or whatever you use to record. My guess is No but worth checking.

    Again best thing is to contact tech support.

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    The thing is that it no longer works on machine that it work perfectly with before. And I’ll confirm that the device is not recognized by windows on all 3 computers. The software seems to install fine. As I said I even used a USB cable that my working interface was using. I will try tech support. But the mixer is now at least 2 years old so won’t have a warranty
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    If you are in the USA i believe the warranty is 3 years from date of purchase. Tech support can confirm- you'll need to provide proof of sale. Based upon your last comments it does sound like there is an issue with the USB Port.

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