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UI-16 internal WiFi connection problems

Why does the Ui-16 lose its internal WiFi connection. Having problems keeping it connected.


  • I have the same problem even at short distances between 10-15meters.

  • I cant find mine on any devices connection list. Just gone one day like a ghost..... poofff Not sure how to get it to show back up. I have restarted and even hard reset mixer and its not showing up still? this is a UI24R

  • Setup an external router. There are videos on how to setup your router for the Ui. Love my Ui16 and a 24 is coming soon.

  • OAGOAG Posts: 3

    I have the newly acquired Ui24R. As soon as you move a little (5-6 meters) away from the mixer, the Wi-Fi signal is lost ("disconecting..." appears on the tablet). Is this normal? For more range do I have to put an external router?

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