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Souncraft FX 16ii power problem...

Hi everybody, Here's a strange one. I've inherited an FX 16ii mixing board, and was told that it had a finicky power-on problem. The tech told the previous owner that he wouldn't touch it and that power board would need to be replaced. So, I opened it up and checked all the usual suspects, fuse, no burnt resistors or any darkened areas on the power board. Added contact cleaner to the clip connectors. nothing. Here's the weird part... we have a fireplace and the day that the temp downstairs went to 23C (73F), the board powered up and worked perfectly! The next day, the basement cooled down to about 18C, wouldn't power up. I've done this several times to make sure, and every time it's 23C (not 22 or 21) it works perfectly... So, the power supply board works, but at a certain temp... WTF...? Any ideas? Thanks!


  • Likely variance in some electronic component or solder joint or trace that changes just enough due to temperature differential.

  • Thanks for the info...! Do you think it's worth pursuing? Removing the power board and check the traces/joints? Or a lost cause...?

  • Can't hurt... depends on how much time you want to put in to it. Keep in mind that it is equally possible that some component is out of tolerance so a board level tech could likely figure out the issue. It very well may be a component that is out of tolerance and the cold (or heat depending on how you look at it) is making the difference. Schematics are available for the FX16ii.

  • Thank you very much for the info! That certainly narrows it down... I'll track down the schematics and see if it's worth the time at this point. Like you said, it can't hurt! Cheers!

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