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Tap Tempo - how to use?

Hi there, i am a nebie to soundcraft and mixing in General so I hope you can help me out.
I still have no clue on how to use the tap Tempo function? Can i have a click Tempo on an aux? So to keep Tempo while Playing? And if so- how?

Maby thanks in advance !


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    Tap Tempo allows you to hit the tap tempo switch/button and it adjusts the FX delay time setting to correspond to the tempo you set by tapping switch-say on each quarter note.. Otherwise you can set this manually (and you can tweak the settings manually after using the tap tempo switch).

    There is no way for you to drive the tap tempo switch by a click track or similar.

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    SIEMISIEMI Posts: 2

    Thanks HARMAN_Tder!
    I missed that inof in the manual.

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