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Linking More Than 2 Channels Together

I record a great deal of large ensembles: orchestras/concert bands/brass bands/choirs, and I use a Decca Tree setup plus spot mics. I want to be able to link the Decca Tree channels together and cannot do so because the software only links 2 adjacent channels, and only odd/even (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, etc.). Please tell me you are changing this in the next FW Update. I bought the Ui24R because I needed the extra channels and got a sweet deal on it. Had I know this was what would happen, I'd have stayed with my Behringer X-18. At least it can link as many channels as you want together.


  • I'll pass this along to product management.. I assume you want EQ, Compressor, etc to link. IF you just needed fader levels you could use a VCA but pretty sure you're aware of this.

  • Some good news..this feature was already a high priority item on the next feature release. That said.. this could take some time before we do the next release so no promises on timing or if it will actually be implemented.

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