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is Notepad FX-8 MacOS last firmware (2.0.4) compatible with Big Sur?

Hi all!

I can't wait to update my Macbook to the new MacOS Big Sur OS but i'm afraid because there is no firmware updates in the soundcraft site that are compatible with this new OS.

Has anyone tested the Notepad FX-8 on Big Sur that can relate if it's compatible?

Thank you very much!


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    RajMudRajMud Posts: 4

    It should work, i have 12 fx, and a bug in it resets channel 3-4 to summ all the 4 and the control panel does not work which is needed every time the mixer is powered on to set 3-4 as discreet tracks

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    I have two updated Macs and Notepad FX-8.
    One is MacBook Pro(15” 2016). It works perfectly to record and play.

    But on iMac (Retina 5K 2014), recording is OK, playback is not working from any application and any settings. Some applications show the rainbow cursor and freeze.
    After this case, sound system in OS can’t works with any other audio interface, until rebooting.
    Of course, it worked perfectly before update.

    I think some problems in compatibility with Big Sur.

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    We will be testing to check compatibility on Intel Big Sur and M1 Big Sur. More info when i have it

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    @HARMAN_Tder any update on that?

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    alexwhyalexwhy Posts: 4

    I have tested and confirmed that the driver recognizes the device on Intel / Big Sur / 11.6

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    alexwhyalexwhy Posts: 4

    Further testing confirms the 8FX works with Intel / Ventura / 13.4! It did not work through a USB hub, though.

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