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Soundcraft MTK 12 expected latency with Asio


I was wondering if some of you MTK owners could share your Asio settings, as well as your PC/MAC setup so I know what to expect. I have been struggling to get a stable sound when using the MTK as an audio interface and am at the point of giving up, so I hope your answers will show that there is something wrong on my end and not a limitation in the mixer itself.

I am running Maschine 2.12.1 (R883) which is the latest version, using the latest Asio driver available on the website (3.20) .
My computer is I7-6700K $ 4.00 Ghz with 16GB of RAM running windows 10 fully updated. I have no other applications started on the PC except Maschine DAW.

In order to not get any clicking or popping noises when using the MTK 12 as my audio out interface, I need to set the Asio USB streaming mode to "Extra Safe" (ASIO buffer size set to auto) which is way to much latency for what I am doing. I have several hardware synths connected to my MTK that I feed midi-data from maschine (which is mostly for drums and sequencing) and this results in the drums being out of synch with the synths.
I was able to get a somewhat stable sound by setting the USB streaming mode to "low latency" (2ms output, this is what I need for output latency in order for my synths to sound in tempo with the drums) and the buffer size to 512 but there are still the occasional pop or crackle from the drums.
The CPU meter is safely rocking around 10% at this setting so that is not the bottle neck, there is something else going on here. I have a short USB-cable, directly connecting the MTK to my PC (I have tried several).
I primarily use the USB rtn on 7/8 for the audio out (but it behaves the same no matter what channel I use).

What Asio settings are you using to get stable output sound from your DAW given your computer specs?


  • I think the issue may have more to do with Windows 10 compatibility. We haven't finished full testing so we haven't officially released it but the updated driver for Notepad should work fine for Signature. I would try it and report back in if this helps things out. Default settings for driver should work fine...


  • Thanks!

    I tried the new drivers and it actually worked much better.

    As long as I am using "Safe Mode" I get a stable output without artefacts.
    I have tried different buffer sizes, and can go as low as 128 samples without it affecting the output at all. At lower buffer sizes there are sometimes audible crackles or click when stopping/starting the sequenzer and especially in the sound of trailing effects or pads.
    The sound is somewhat stable at 64 samples as long as I don't "touch anything". CPU is around 10-12 %

    With 128 samples and safe mode on I get the following numbers:
    Input 5.2 ms
    Processing 2.7ms
    Output 1.8 ms
    For a total roundtrip time of 9.7ms

    A great improvement overall! You should really make the driver available soon so more can benefit from this.

  • Good to hear... The official testing of the driver for Signature has taken much longer than expected. Thanks for confirming- i thought there was 95% chance it should work fine though i haven't tried it myself yet so wasn't 100% sure.

  • sfdsfd Posts: 4

    This issue remains with the, latest, signature 12 mtk driver v3.20.0.

    I'm using Windows 10 and Cubase 8.5. I get lots of crackles and clip sounds when using that ASIO driver. :-(

    Any news on this topic?

  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    As metioned above- try using the driver in the Notepad package. The current driver in the Signature package is not Windows 10 compatible. https://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/softwares/notepad-firmware-and-control-panel-setup-windows-v2-0-4-windows> @sfd said:

    This issue remains with the, latest, signature 12 mtk driver v3.20.0.

    I'm using Windows 10 and Cubase 8.5. I get lots of crackles and clip sounds when using that ASIO driver. :-(

    Any news on this topic?

  • RootsyRootsy Posts: 7

    Has anyone tried the Notepad driver with the Signature MTK?
    Does it show all the available input and output channels in Windows 10 unlike the Signature driver?

  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    Yes.. all reports so far indicate that the Notepad driver works fine with Signature MTK and fixes all the issues. The current release of the Signature MTK driver is not compatible with Windows 10

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