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USB-Problems Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

Quite recently I purchased this mixer, relying on the great possibillities for Multitrack-Recording per USB (without SD-Card).
Now I'm faced with problems of the USB-Interface of this mixer, which are described frequently on the internet and also in this forum. Nowhere I can find a real solution for this. (the Harman "recording guide" didn't help).

My concrete problem is, that I cannot run the mixer-USB with "in" and "out" simultaneously. The simplest use case is a Skype-Session, using the mixer (in Win10) as "Microphone"(e.g. Output-chanel MasterRL) and as "Speaker"(e.g. Input-chanel 11/12 or 7/8). This functionality even has my 10 year old Yamaha-Mixer MG10XU. The Soundcraft-Mixer only runs one(!) of that (Microphone or Speaker), the other one is dead. I had both of this cases, no idea, on what that depends.
I also planned to use the device for JamKazam-Online-Bandsessions. This seems to be far away in view of the stated problems.

Please help me with this, otherwise the (for the rest cool) mixer must be sent back, highly disappointed in usual quality of Soundcraft...
Thank you, Juergen.

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