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Can't record on my PC with Notepad 8FX - Drivers are installed

I downloaded what Soundcraft said I should download but can't get the audio to go into my computer. Called MS hotline and person I talked with blamed it on BIOS on my older, but well functioning PC. Never had an issue like this come up before. Had been running my mic through an M_Audio Pre USB preamp/audio interface for many years now with no problem.

Does this make sense?


  • This is probably better handled through phone support but there is a lot of info that will be required:

    • What Version of Windows are you on 10 or 7
    • I assume you are using and have opened up the Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel
    • On the Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel what inputs are you choosing to record?
    • Make sure Ducker is turned off on the USB Audio Control Panel
    • Make sure your sample rate for the computer is set for whatever sample rate you need. The Notepad can use 44.1k or 48K
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