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How to make wifi network secure for soundcraft ui16

I was setting up my new Soundcraft Ui16 mixer to work with my iPad tablet and trying to establish the wifi network on the iPad. Although the directions said to enter a password for a secure network, the network turned out to be unsecure and did not offer an option to enter a password on our tablet. How do I change the network settings to ensure that I am using a secure network (The directions given in the manual did not seem to apply to iPad settings).


  • If I understand your question correctly you want to set this up on an external WiFi Network not the built in Ui Hotspot? If so then the password setup would be through the administrative setup for the router/Wifi access point. Keep in mind that the UI requires a password to access the mixer but this has nothing to do with the network password which would again be setup in your Wifi Router and the entered as normal via the Ipad under Settings>Wifi and choosing the network prior to using that type of connection with the UI. The attached video discusses the Network setup for UI but don't believe this is your issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dO_nRjMgks

  • We figured it out. Thank you for responding to my question.

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