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Can you send reverb to the Aux outputs?

I would like to send some reverb to my monitor mixes but don't see a way to do that? I have a ui16.


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    HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184
    edited February 2021

    Go to your FX Return Channels- You will see FX Returns 1-4. Select one of these channels by double clicking/touching on one of the Blue Faders. This (just like an input channel) will open on FX Return Channel Strip. Go to the Aux Send Tab and you will then have Aux Sends available to send the FX into Auxes 1-6. You can also select these to be pre or post fader.

    Alternatively (and arguably easier) you can go to the Aux Send Tab on the main mix screen menu and scroll to the right to get to the FX Returns and push the fader up to send the return to the selected Aux/monitor mix

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    I went the 2nd route - that worked!! I don't think I ever scrolled over that far - lol. TY!!

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