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sample rate

How do I check/change the sample rate on the signature 22 mtk?


  • You would do this through the Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel. Link to program if you haven't already got it is here https://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/softwares/soundcraft-multichannel-usb-audio-driver-v3-20

    One thing to note is that the actual sample rate is set via your computer audio settings. I believe the Signature will only work at 48K or 44.1K. The Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel does have a sample rate window but it just pulls the sample rate from the computer and as mentioned above you can't change it there.

  • Thanks but it looks like this is for PC, do you have a download for Mac?

  • The Signature is Mac Core Audio Compliant so no download is required. The Signature will ID as an audio interface under Apple Menu>System Preferences> Sound. Sample Rate settings will be set here as well

  • Thanks!

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