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Ui24R streaming request

I have two main feature requests I would love to see.
1. Ability to stream music to mixer, for example if it had an embedded MPD https://www.musicpd.org this would be possible
2. The ability to stream audio to PC via http which would allow remote mixer to use headphone monitoring.


  • I believe both of these are unlikely to happen. I have forwarded this on to our product manager for consideration. I'm pretty that request 2 would have an unacceptable (for most) amount of latency. Regardless as it stands we can't stream audio - all we are dealing with is control via the built in HTML 5 web server. Certainly there will come a day that your requests will be common place.

  • Don't hold your breath for it, Harman doesn't actually have any sort of "forward think" when it comes to new innovations/updates to their existing products. I can't even get them to fix their buggy USB media player which regularly freezes at random during intermissions... Audio just stops cold. Such an amateur issue that should be fixed immediately, but they simply don't care.

  • I also would highly appreciate no. 2 to come. If latency with HTML5 is an issue it might be a feature that could be added to ConnectedPA. For me even the latency would be acceptable, I use the headphone just with solo function to do some general corrections or to find sources of unwanted noise.

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