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Connecting 2 Soundcraft Signature 12s


I did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned at all. I'm new to mixing and just working in a home studio/small venues etc. I've filled up my Soundcraft Signature 12 and am wondering at the advisability of purchasing another and connecting the 2 of them? I saw someone mention elsewhere that this could be done via the RCA plugs? Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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    You could... I would recommend using the balanced main output (you would need 2 XLR to 1/4" TRS Cables) or creating a mix to the subgroups and then using their 1/4" Group output jacks and patching these into the stereo inputs of the other Signature. HOWEVER... you might consider if it's not better selling the Signature and moving to a larger Signature or another console from us or someone else. As while you could create a submix of the input faders- the aux sends would not link between the two consoles. It really depends on your application- if you just need additional input faders then certainly using a submix from another console into the Signature or vice versa would work.

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    Thanks for the reply! I am sortof teetering on that fence between buying a bigger console and simply connecting it to another Signature 12. So, if I used the main output as you suggest above, that would go into a stereo channel? or somewhere else? Thanks!

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    Yes... i would use one of the stereo channels as your submix return. The stereo return's fader (obviously) would control how much of the submix would be blended into the primary console's mix.

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