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Issue with the mixng desk


I have a Soundcraft SIgnature Series 22 MTK mixing desk. And a couple days ago I've got a problem. Actually the desk works brilliantly. But the turning on process has some troubles.

I've recorded it on my recorder:

5 second: I'm plugging the desk into the socket.
24 second: the background noise is starting
31 second: I'm leaning my microphone against my speakers
50 second: the loudness is increasing and the pitch of the background noise is decreasing
1:12: the desk is finally turning on

Could it be repaired? May be would you recommend me how to repair it by myself?

Thanks in advance!


  • This is likely some sort of hardware issue and will need to taken to a service center or your country's distributor's repair facility. Warranty length varies by country- here in the USA it's 3 Years from date of purchase

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