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How to attach guitar effects pedals to Soundcraft Ui16 mixer

Can you send me a video that demonstrates how to attach guitar effects pedals to my Soundcraft Ui16 mixer?



  • I don't believe there are any videos for this.

    You want to use a footswitch that is momentary...Not latching. Then under settings you can choose for it to control one of the of the following functions.: Mute FX, Mute All, Play, Record, Tap Tempo, Multitrack Playback, Multitrack Record, or Mute Group

  • Thank you so much for answering my question so promptly. Can you tell me what the difference is between a momentary and latching footswitch? I am planning on attaching my Boss BD-2 (Blues Driver) pedal with my Soundcraft Ui16 mixer. Could you please give me a link to the kind of footswitch I would need in order to attach this pedal to the mixer?



  • I don't know if the switch in your Boss Pedal will work or not. Have you tried it? Otherwise this one should - https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/product-accessories/fs01-momentary-foot-switch#overview

    A very simple explanation of difference between latching and non- latching (momentary) switch is that you will typically hear/feel a click on a latching switch. A momentary switch you typically will not feel this you will just feel the resistance . A bit more technical explanation is this:

    A Momentary switch remains in its “on” state only as long as it is being compressed. Once the user removes the compression of the switch the device is no longer on. An everyday example of a momentary switch is an electric drill. Once the compression of the switch is removed the drill will stop rotating.

    A latching switch needs to be pressed once for ON and again for OFF, for example a light switch. Once the lights are on, the switch can be left until they need to be turned off.

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