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UI 12, 16 Question

Hi Guys

I am new here and am looking for some information on the UI series digital mixers that I have not been able to find whilst reading the various sites listings of these mixers. I am putting together a number of small sound system hire packages which it appears will be popular as we come out of these lockdowns and perhaps later in the year get back towards some kind of normal in the business. My main two questions are these:

Is there a limiter feature available for the main mix output? I would like to be able to set a limit to protect the system and in some cases adhere to sound level limits for the venue.

Second question - is the web based user interface customisable? I plan for the setups to include one or two radio mics, a Bluetooth receiver, mini jack input for devices and access to the USB player with some music playlists pre loaded. I have experience with the Allen and Heath QU series - we would build the simple interface for the end user to use once we had set room and mic EQs. This was perfect as it is rare an end user would need access to these settings. Of course a QuPac or even QuSB is somewhat overkill for this application that is intended to be a low cost option for the anticipated rush of post lockdown parties and get togethers.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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    There is a compressor (with a hard knee option) on the master output but not a limiter. This would have to be done outside the mixer either in the speaker/amp chain or speaker processor.

    Regarding second question.. I would use the View Groups feature. This allows 6 user defined interfaces to be created that will only show the selected inputs or outputs. There is also a way to password protect broad portions of the mixer under the access tab (found under settings-the gear icon). It may not be exactly what you need it to do but should get close using the functions above.

    As you are probably aware you can poke around and look at the mixer via the on-line demo found at this link- http://www.soundcraft.com/ui-demo/mixer.html

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