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Signature 12 not recognised after Windows Update

I recently upgraded W10 on my Surface Pro (to version 20H2) and Cakewalk was unable to see the mixer afterwards. Nothing else had changed in my working environment. One day everything was working smoothly and immediately after the completion of the upgrade, I was only able to use the Surface Pro's audio drivers.
Only when I had reverted back to the previous version of Windows was Cakewalk able to see the drivers.

Has anyone else had a similar problem after a W10 upgrade?


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    HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    Try using the Driver and Soundcraft Audio Control Panel from the Notepad (yes- it will work on the Signature). There is a known issue with the exisitng Signature Driver with Windows 10. The problem you describe isn't identical to the more common issues but it is definitely worth trying. Report back in and let me know if that works/helps https://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/softwares/notepad-firmware-and-control-panel-setup-windows-v2-0-4-windows

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    ScriabinScriabin Posts: 3

    Appreciate the quick response. I haven't had any problems with the driver I am using although it does seem quite old (dated 3/9/15).

    Now that I have the mixer working ok again, I'm a bit hesitant to try and run the upgrade again, but I know I will have to upgrade W10 at some point in the future. I'll probably wait until the project I'm working on has finished (in about a week), download the Notepad driver as you suggest, run it on my current W10 version to check it works ok and then upgrade W10 and check it out.

    Thanks again.

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    ScriabinScriabin Posts: 3

    I eventually completed my project (instead of a week it took two months!) and tested the Notepad driver that you recommended (4.82.0) on my current version of W10 (1909). It worked fine - so I gave in and updated W10 - the thing that had caused the issue in the first place - to 21H1. The new driver works fine under this updated version of W10 - so thanks, HARMAN_Tder , for your excellent advice.


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