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Expression vs Performer

Hello, this is my first post here.
I'm in the market for a good quality, 32-channel mixer, and I'm evaluating two Soundcraft boards: Expression 3 and Performer 3. My choice is restricted between these, mainly because I want an "analog-like" digital board, meaning that I do not like "display-based" consoles, I prefer the concept "one command = one function" like in the good old analog era.
Could anyone explain in detail all differences between Expression and Performer?
I know that Performer has 2 card slots and Expression has one, but what about sound quality? Is it the same in both or Performer is one step above? More differences?
Also, have these consoles any cooling fan or are they fanless?
Thank you very much for your help.


  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    The sound quality is identical between the two. Basic differences are:

    Performer has 2 Expansion slots versus 1 on the Expression

    Performer has 8 VCA Groups - The Expression has none

    Performer has a basic DMX lighting controller

    Performer has an LCD Screen for Channel Naming- The Expression does not have this

    Performer has 4 Band Parametric EQ- Expression Parametric Mids Only

    No Fans in either console

    You might consider going with an Si Impact it is the best value in the Si Range. Similar functions as Performer but much lower cost. You give up MIDI interface, the rotary encoder above each fader and it has 6 less input faders when compared to Expression/Performer 3.

  • AudiocarloAudiocarlo Posts: 5

    Thank you very much for your detailed reply, very useful. Just ordered one Expression 3, this is the best board for me I believe. Now I'm waiting for delivery. Thank you again.

  • AudiocarloAudiocarlo Posts: 5

    Finally my new SI Expression 3 was delivered. After two days of testing and usage I'm VERY VERY happy with this console!
    Feel is fantastic. The console is very well built with a rugged and strong external case.
    As I expected (and wanted), usage is mainly "analog-like". Other than secondary features, you can forget that a digital mixer is in front of you. This is a very important point in my opinion.
    But my biggest surprise was sound quality! I came from another brand console, more or less at the same market level and that I considered not so bad. No, it is not the same, absolutely not.
    I connected this mixer to my Focal TRIO6 monitor speakers, and now sound quality is so better compared to the old console: crisp, balanced, very detailed but never fatiguing. More tests and listening must be done during next days, but my first impression using this console is so high. Absolutely suggested.
    Congratulation to Soundcraft guys for a very great job.

    PS: Please note that I'm a visually impaired user. Other than touch screen operations requiring a camera or assistance by a sighted person, most SI Expression 3 controls are easily recognizable and usable by a blind person. Well done. Thanks.

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