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Signature 12 / 22 MTK with Cubase

Hi !

Hoping someone can help me solve this problem.

I'm using Soundtrack *Signature MTK mixer, Cubase 8.5 on a Windows 10. That said - I'm not sure if this a MTK, Cubase or a 'Windows issue.

On my Cubase only channel 1 and 2 are active for in- and output.

And so, if I enable RTN (USB Return) on Chn 1 and 2 I'll get playback from the DAW.

However I'm not able to record to the DAW from any other channel on the mixer.

Actually, I am unable to record from any channel exept 1 and 2 from the mixer to the DAW. Despite if RTN is enabled or not.

Also - although I get playback from chn 1 and 2 there's no sound from the metronome.

Th3e driver is installed and all channels are showing up on Windows 10.

I've not found any guide / tutorial on how to setup Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK on Cubase. Have anyone seen any ?

Big thanks in advance for any help !Q


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