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Cascade mode not working


I try to get the cascade mode working. The firmware: 3.3.8293-ui24 is equal on both units. and the have the same unique ID.

In general everything seems to work well. I try the 1 example of the Ui24R_addendum_V3_original. And on the side of patching everything looks like the pictures in the example. I see on the first gliders also CS-1 and 2 on the bottom and no gain control (logic).

But no signal is coming trough. Any suggestions ? It looks like the cascade bus itself is not working. Thanks.


  • Reading the manual is always useful. "Physical Cascade ConnectionBetween Ethernet #2 ports:Directly connect the Ethernet 2 ports found on the side of each Ui24R together using a standard CAT5e or CAT6Ethernet cable. This must be a direct connection. Itcannot work going through intermediate switches or routers. Soundcraft has tested this connection upto 100feet"


    IT WORKS ... :|

  • I have the same problem. All connections it's ok, but no signal is coming trough.

  • Same here
  • lliibkelliibke Posts: 1

    I have the same problem. All connections it's ok, but no signal is coming trough.
    But no signal is coming trough. Any suggestions ?
    Any suggestions ?
    Any suggestions ?

  • Has anyone received response from Harman on this issue.
    I have two UI24r's with Ver3.3 firmware loaded and have the same problem where everything is connected and patched properly but the one with the Hardware inputs does not does not send the cascade signal to the 2nd mixer.
    I an keen for a solution to this problem.
    If cascade doesn't work why release the feature to market when it clearly has issues to only have very frustrated operators.

  • Update
    After comprehensive testing I have found there is an issue with Firmware version 3.3 if you wish to use the cascade feature.
    I reloaded firmware version 3.0 onto both mixers and the cascade function works properly.

  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 13

    I tried to load V3.0 but I got message that should be V3.1 or newer? Wheri I can find V3.1 to download?

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