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UI24R with Shure PSM 300 in ear monitors

New to the forum! I have a band set up and I am sending Auxes 1 and 2 to my Shure PSM 300. My goal is to create two distinct mixes on each channel, then use the Mix mode on the Shure to blend them. We really just use the Shure for two singers. What I have noticed is that even though the vocal mic is turned the entire way down on the six channel, the effects are still heard. It seems that the primary signal and the effected signal are not linked, i don’t want to have to scroll over to the FX sliders and turn them down as well. Do I just switch the FX sliders to post fader? They are all on pre fader currently.


  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    If i understood your desrpition then Correct.. you would want the FX sends from the channel to be set post fader. You may have already figured this out by now.

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