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Dell Touchscreen P2418HT

Good Morning

I bought a Soundcraft UI24R and a dell touch p24ht monitor when connected directly to the equipment, the touch does not work. Does anyone know how to tell me something about how the touch works on the equipment without the need for a computer. For it was said that the dell monitor was compatible with the equipment.
Thank you very much in advance.


  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 10

    I have the same problem. They are not interested about customers. Just a minute ago I read:

    User guide addendum V3 for Ui24R
    HDMI display support: VID/PID/NAME
    1 2575 0401 Hannspree HT225HPB
    2 29BD 4101 Hannspree Hanns-G HT161HNB
    3 1FD2 6103 Dell P2418HT
    4 046B C52B Hanspree HT225HPBREJ01
    5 05E3 0610 Viewsonic TD2230 TD2230
    6 2575 010A ACER T232HL
    7 0457 1174 Iiyama T2236MSC-B2
    8 04F3 2466 ASUS VT168H
    9 0457 1139 Iiyama ProLite T2236MSC-B2AG 21.5"
    10 0424 2137 Planar
    11 0424 5537 Planar
    12 093A 8020 Planar PXL2230MW
    13 222A 001C GeChic 1002 10.1" Widescreen LED Backlit IPS Touch Monitor
    14 1FD2 5101 HP Elite Display E230t
    15 003D 222A Viewsonic TD2240
    16 0457 1122 ACER Model# UT220HQL bmjz
    17 0FB8 1109 Viewsonic TD220
    18 0EEF C000 BEETRONICS 10TS3
    19 222A 0001 BEETRONICS 12TS3
    20 2386 3114 BEETRONICS 15TS4
    21 05AC 020C Dell touchscreen S2240T (another regi

  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 10

    Propably they are going to do anything about this issue. I spend 350€ for nothing.

  • amsadriano1amsadriano1 Posts: 4

    Well, it is very strange that the dell monitor does not work the touch, as it continues in the harman manuals that the dell monitor is compatible with soundcraft. We are waiting for some update to fix this issue, if you know any information, please post here on the forum, Thank you

  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 10

    Still waiting for update..... Fuck!

  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 10


  • MarkwissMarkwiss Posts: 1

    Is USB plugged in, too?

  • yes USB plugged.

  • jukuotjukuot Posts: 10

    I'll be waiting.....such a long time....

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