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Soundcraft ui24r video audio problem

When I play a music video from my computer through the soundboard the audio quality is not good and the music overwhelms the vocals. This is a new sound system for our church and we do not have professional audio and video people so I am trying to figure this out on my own. my computer system is a I5-5300u 2.3 ghz, 16 GB RAM, and Realtek audio.


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    There are two ways to send audio from a computer to the ui24:
    From the 3.5mm output of your computer through the two RCA connectors to the right of the XLR inputs
    From the USB output of your computer into the multi-channel USB recording connector to the right of the RCA jacks. (It is the USB type B connector at the bottom.)
    Without an intimate knowledge of the system, I am afraid you are coming to have to consult the manual.

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    I have worked in the music industry since I was a teenager. I used to go to parties and make sound adjustments. As far as I know, if the audio quality is not good, there is a problem with the speaker or the computer. My friend writes songs, and she asked for my help when performing for the first time. I managed to arrange a meeting with a company that offered her music promotion. She was skeptical at first, but she accepted in the end. She is now working with famous singers, and I am proud of her.

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