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Replacement Faders for a MFX 8-2 Desk

Hi All,

I'm cleaning up a Soundcraft MFX 8-2 channel desk and need to replace all the faders.

I have emailed both Soundcraft and seperatly SoundTech and had no response.

The faders are labled:

10KΩ A 842B (mono channels) (x8 required)

10KΩ A 833B (Stereo/EFX/Output channels) (x6 required)

Is there a reasonably priced compatible fader out there from the likes of CPC/Farnell/RS/Rapid/Ebay?

I also have an issue with one mono channel which has the signal present LED permantly lit. With a signal going through the channel it has no effect on the LED. The rest of the channel works correctly.

I've been searching for a service manual for this desk and am drawing a blank so I'm using a SC EFX technical manual as a guide. Is there a significant difference internally between the EFX and MFX ranges?

Many thanks

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